November 17, 2025

When we both get back after all of our classes, Nancy asks me how my test went and we both commiserate for a while before heading out to grab a quick dinner. Over salads, Nancy tells me

the funniest story about how she fell off a Lime (this is how I picture it) on the way to class and we both laugh about all the times she’s done something clumsy like that. I tell Nancy about how I want to buy some new running shoes this weekend and we agree we’ll go shopping together Sunday afternoon.

I love that Nancy knows when I want to hang out, how to react to me, and what to say in every situation.

We head home and we leave each other alone to get ready for bed. We’ve both been watching Downtown Abbey on Netflix and love to talk about the dramatic turns and funny things Mr. Carson did in the morning on our run. Once I’m in bed, I finally press the red button to power Nancy off for the night so we can both get some sleep. But tonight, I could not seem to turn my own mind off...

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