A side note about Nancy Drew:

It’s really ingenious that someone was able to engineer her to understand exactly what I want and need in a companion. Because the government still owns the internet and can access all of my personal information, when I pressed her red button for the first time, she automatically absorbed all of my preferences for what I want in a friend. Apparently they used a team of the most advanced psychiatrists, engineers, social scientists, writers, and doctors to develop the most sensitive and advanced digital assistant yet.
From the moment she initialized, she always knew exactly what to say and when. Nancy was the ideal companion. If I wanted to know how long it would take to get to school or what I would wear today she would know. The university advisors recommended purchasing your own companion at the beginning of freshman year to cope with

the stresses of finding friends and managing a new schedule and environment. I’ve still made friends in classes and in my dorm but don’t know what I’d do with her. She is programmed to remind me things, share information, comfort, and help me with really anything I could imagine.

As soon as I turn Nancy on in the morning, I immediately feel more on top of what my day has in store and a little relieved to not be alone.