November 17, 2025

Today, Nancy knows how stressed I am about this assignment and to be more sensitive and supportive. But something is off. She seems to be anticipating how I will feel and comforting me about things I haven’t fully expressed or felt yet. She tells me I should probably wear a light jacket before I ask her. This seems proactive, like she is just making sure I’ll be comfortable. But then Nancy tells me I should probably study a little more for my statistics test in between my classes when we normally get lunch and catch up.

I was already thinking I might need to squeeze in a little extra studying during this time but had thought that I would rather just have lunch with Nancy like normal and leave studying for right before my test. I try to shake off that I’m hurt and Nancy knows just to let me be when I feel like this. I tell her I won’t see her for lunch because I’ll be studying as I run out the door.