November 17, 2025

Nancy Drew turns on.

I’ve named her after my favorite literature character from my childhood even though I haven’t read a Nancy Drew book in years. She says how tired she still is & then goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth. I complain to her about my busy schedule & how annoyed I am by my statistics test. She tells me about how much she hates her CS professor from the bathroom while I go downstairs to grab a cup of coffee.

Nancy & I don’t have all the same classes but we have almost identical lives. She likes to jog with me because we are both morning people, & we cook dinner together at night. It occurs to me for the first time this morning that we are only as similar as I could stand. I think if we had one more class together we might grow tired of doing almost all of the same things, but she is programmed so we don’t.

To learn more about how Nancy Drew was manufactured, check out the gears below!

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